The Tools You Need

Sometimes, you need to have certain information at hand in order to make important decisions for your business. Applicant Information provides employers, contractors, and property managers across the United States the data necessary to make educated and compliant decisions, fast and simple. From conducting thorough and complete background checks to drug and alcohol screening, we put what you need to know in your hands.


Information You Can Trust

Let us guide you through the complexities of employment laws and federal mandates across the nation. We’ve developed proprietary systems and deliver consistent and accurate reports on your applicants. Through process-driven results, Applicant Information handles your background screening and drug testing needs in a comprehensive and cost-effective way. With over 850,000 completed drug tests and decades of experience in the business, we’re a company you can put your faith in. Let us do the legwork for you so you can make the most informed decisions.


Superior Technology

Applicant Information provides you with reports that reflect updates in real time, 24-7. Your applicant’s reports are secure within a data center that meets or exceeds credit card industry standards. The security systems are audited by outside experts on an ongoing basis.


One-on-One Customer Service

We look forward to serving you. Our helpful, experienced team members are based in the United States and are available by phone. Our goal is to satisfy your inquiry the first time you reach out to us. When you call, you’ll get the same person, and you’ll be treated to stellar service every time. Assistance is also available in French and Spanish.

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Looking for More Information?

Do you have questions about employees using medical marijuana?
Need to check if someone has a valid driver’s license?
Want to find out if your housing applicants have had previous eviction judgments?
Contact us—Applicant Information is here to answer those questions and more!

Custom Services

Applicant Information has an extensive network of certified specimen collectors and trained alcohol technicians for the Oil & Gas industry, and through decades of experience in the Trucking industry, has established a clear leadership role in the DOT compliance field.


Through our online Supervisory Training, we can provide your employees and supervisors with the interactive training required by the latest government regulations.