alcohol screening

Alcohol Screening


ALCO-Screen™02 is a simple, DOT-approved 4-minute saliva screening test. It is intended for use to identify persons with blood alcohol concentrations greater than the federally mandated zero tolerance level of 0.02% and is performed by a certified Screening Test Technician (STT) for DOT purposes.

ALCO-Screen02 is also a great screening device for improving the effectiveness of any alcohol-free workplace environment. When you need to know in a hurry, ALCO-Screen02 may be the perfect solution.

Ships 24 individual foil-packaged screens per box.

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Certified Alcohol Breath Testing

Applicant Information’s breath alcohol testing is conducted by trained staff who are DOT-compliant certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) and uses Evidentiary Breath Testing (EBT) equipment certified through LifeLoc, Inc. LifeLoc is one of the highest regarded equipment manufacturers today.

For certified workplace breath alcohol testing and confirmation from knowledgeable personnel, there is no better choice than Applicant Information. We have more than 26 years of experience in the alcohol testing segment of the substance abuse industry, including federal compliance procedures, technician and related training, and equipment sales.

We maintain a national referral network for certified drug and alcohol testing professionals. Many of them can assist with onsite mobile and after-hours services.

Other available training via Skype or in-person:

  • Specimen Collector Certification and Re-certification

  • Saliva Technician Training (STT)

  • DecisionPoint Supervisory Detection Training—Online