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I see extra charges on my invoice. Where are these fees coming from?2017-09-18T11:21:55-05:00

Some counties and states charge access fees for records. Also, states charge access fees for MVR reports. At times, we may also encounter fees when verifying employment and education verifications. When these fees are charged to us to complete your background report, we simply pass them through to you. We do not profit from these charges.

Your competitors aren’t masking data. Why are you?2017-09-18T11:21:37-05:00

From what we have seen, Applicant Information’s competitors are making attempts at masking their data, as well. This is fast becoming an industry standard and Applicant Information takes pride in serving as a leader in this initiative. With the increased risk of fraud and identity theft in today’s society, it is essential that we fully vet our customers prior to giving them access to personal data. Identity fraud has been defined as the “fastest growing crime of the century.” Applicant Information is one company that is doing all it can to protect society from this risk. Applicant Information will continue to strive to set the standard in this area and is proud to have competitors follow our lead.

Will more information be masked in the future?2017-09-18T11:21:11-05:00

Applicant Information is currently masking the key sensitive data identifiers. While it is certainly our objective to serve as a leader in this area and take whatever precautions necessary to protect our clients, we will continue to keep our customers apprised of all future changes.

Why do you mask this data?2017-09-18T11:17:01-05:00

Due to the nature of the background screening business, our customers have access to sensitive information about consumers. As a leading provider in this industry, Applicant Information is responsible for protecting that information. Consequently, we are taking steps to ensure this information is masked to better protect our customers along with their consumers.

What data is being masked?2017-09-18T11:16:21-05:00

Applicant Information is masking all “sensitive data”. In terms of invoicing / billing documents, this would apply primarily to printed or online invoices where full Social Security numbers have formerly been displayed. Under this initiative, the first five digits of Social Security Numbers will be now be masked. The result will be as follows:


In some instances, customers may have Date-Of-Birth and / or Driver License information displaying on their invoices. This data will be masked, as well, according to the following guidelines:

• Drivers License: The last three digits of driver’s license numbers will be masked resulting in the following:


• Year of birth: The full year of birth will be masked as follows:

I want to use your service – what’s the setup procedure?2017-09-18T11:15:56-05:00

Please call our sales support team at 1-877-866-2161

Should I be aware of any Federal regulations that apply to screening applicants in an employment setting?2017-09-18T11:14:50-05:00

An employer must obtain the written consent of an applicant before using our services. These are mandatory guidelines addressed by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), which is a Federal policy.

My company is fairly large, and I have managers in different office locations using the background screening portal. Can one account have multiple users?2017-09-18T11:13:52-05:00

Yes, you can add multiple users to an account. You can also setup the account so that some of the users can only “submit” requests, some can only view the results, and others can have “super user” access to all of the controls. Call customer service (insert link) for details.

What types of Criminal Searches does Applicant Information offer?2017-09-18T11:13:28-05:00

National Criminal File
State Sexual Offender Search
State Criminal Database Search
County Courthouse Search
Federal Courthouse Search

Phone Contact Information2017-09-18T11:12:18-05:00


Why was there no report found?2017-09-18T11:11:57-05:00

Please note that a consumer file does not necessarily exist for you with our company. For example, if you have not applied for employment with a customer that we serve, we likely will not have an employment history report on you. If you have not submitted a residential lease application with a customer that we serve, we will likely not have a tenant history report on you.

How can I request a copy of my report from Applicant Information?2017-09-26T13:58:06-05:00

To request a copy of your employment history or tenant history report click here, or call 1-8877-866-2161.

What is the FACT Act?2017-09-18T11:10:59-05:00

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) was enacted in 2003 and amends the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a federal law that regulates, in part, who is permitted to access your consumer report information and how it can be used.

The FACT Act entitles consumers to obtain one free copy of his/her consumer file from certain consumer reporting agencies during each 12-month period.

Our hiring is seasonal – I have a large amount of candidates to screen at one time. Do you have batch processing?2017-09-18T11:10:25-05:00

Yes, we can help you with large orders with batch processing. Please click here (insert link for contact us) for more information.

Do you provide nationwide criminal background checks?2017-09-18T11:10:04-05:00

Yes, we have a robust database search that pulls data from various state repositories across the country. This is meant to be a pointer for further research and is not available as a stand alone search for employment purposes.

If a person is refused employment due to bad background report, what guidelines/ rules apply?2017-09-18T10:52:51-05:00

FCRA guidelines apply – that information is available to all Applicant Information clients. Consumer Disputes can be initiated by clicking here

Does a Federal Courthouse Search offer criminal records from all 50 states?2017-09-18T10:50:52-05:00

No – there are 93 Federal District courts in the U.S. and each courthouse is ONLY responsible for storing criminal records on cases filed in their district.

Does Applicant Information have examples of FCRA Consent forms and Adverse Action forms for their customers?2017-09-18T10:50:35-05:00

Applicant Information’s online system offers all federal and state specific forms when using our convenient QuickApp feature. Adverse Action and Pre-Adverse Action letter samples are available on our Resources page.

Which package is best for me?2017-09-18T10:50:16-05:00

Your package will vary depending on your specific needs as well as needs dictated by your industry. Some industries are highly regulated with clearly defined background search requirements and others have limited to no specific guidelines. Reach out to our sales and account management team to help with determining what level of reports you are seeking for your company.

Do I have to purchase reports in a package?2017-09-18T10:49:55-05:00

Customers have two options: they can order individual products from our “A la carte” menu, or they can select a package.

How is a courthouse search is conducted?2017-09-18T10:49:35-05:00

Typically, a courthouse search takes 1-3 business days to complete. A county courthouse search is a manual process – we have field agents that visit the courthouse in-person to obtain the background record for the customer. County courthouses only store criminal charges from their individual county only.

Employment Verifications, Education Verifications and Reference checks take 1-3 business days to complete. Why does it take that long?2017-09-18T10:49:13-05:00

These background reports are manually processed, meaning that Employment Screening conducts phone interviews with past employers, educational institutions and references, asking them questions to verify information. Turnaround time is based on how quickly Applicant Information can obtain that information from a third party.

How quickly can I retrieve results after submitting an order?2017-09-18T10:48:49-05:00

Most searches are completed within 24-72 hours. Some court searches may take longer depending on individual court procedures. Clerk assisted courts can take from a couple of days to weeks. If you are concerned about the turn-around time before a record is searched, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss anticipated completion times.

I need help ordering a background check2017-09-18T10:41:26-05:00

Click below to access the online ordering guide

I forgot/lost my password.2017-09-18T10:20:31-05:00

Submit an email to Applicant Information using the SEND MAIL option. Please include enough information to allow us to locate the correct account number for assistance.
Information needed is as follows:

Company Name

Contact Email Address

Contact Name

Contact Phone Number

Company Physical Address

Once we have located your account number, an email containing this information will be sent to you.

Forgot Account Number2017-09-18T10:17:19-05:00

Submit an email to Applicant Information using the SEND MAIL option. Please include enough information to allow us to locate the correct account number for assistance.

Information needed is as follows:

Company Name

Contact Email Address

Contact Name

Contact Phone Number

Company Physical Address

Once we have located your account number, an email containing this information will be sent to you.

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