helpful links

Helpful Links

DOT Compliance Guidance

ODAPC– Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance   Develops policy, provides guidance, and offers consultation on drug and alcohol issues with the USDOT transportation industry

What Employers Need to Know About DOT Drug Testing

U.S. Department of Transportation

Regulating Agencies

Collection Site Key Tips

Complete Compliance Services

FMCSA and Pipeline Compliance, HazMat, Driver Qualification Files...  Insurance Reviews, Accident Investigations, Training, DOT Hours of Service, and other compliance services

General Information on Substance Abuse

SAMHSA– Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration   Provides publications, information, and furnishes a Substance Abuse and Mental Health treatment facility locator

Drug-Free Workplace Advisor   The Department of Labor assists companies in building a tailored model for a drug-free workplace.

NIDA– National Institute on Drug Abuse   Provides facts about the most commonly abused drugs, street names, the effects on the brain and body; statistics and trends

Office of National Drug Control Policy  Blog…Whitehouse drug control policy and helpful public information

EAP and SAP Directory   A comprehensive locator for finding an Employee Assistance Program or Substance Abuse Professional

Drug Testing Industry Trade Associations

DATIA  Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association   Provides education, resources, and advocacy to those involved and interested in drug and alcohol testing

SAPAA – Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association   Provides education and training in the administration  workplace substance abuse prevention programs.